Tensile Tester – Horizontal or Vertical

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This is the Admet 5603 single column Tensile Tester. It is extremely versatile and very economical. It may be used in the horizontal configuration or in the vertical configuration as pictured. Several models are available including dual column models. A variety of load cells and grips are available for every application.

Expert 5600 Universal Testing Systems

A bold and flexible new approach to low force testing at an affordable price.
The expert 5600 series testing machines are equipped with a rigid frame and detachable electronics and top acting actuator. Several motor/drive combinations allow for a variety of machine configurations. The table top load frame with precision actuator and fast acting servo motor provides control at very light loads and rigidity for loads at machine capacity.

  • Perform tension, compression, and bend tests from less than 1N to 6.2 kN (1,400 lbf). Some models are capable of speeds in excess of 5,000 mm/min (200 in/min).
  • The standard frame assembly can be user configured for vertical or horizontal operation. The actuator can be mounted on the optional dual column frame or a frame of your own design.
  • Using optional neoprene bellows, the actuator and electronics can be sealed from moisture and airborne particles, allowing for maintenance free operation in the harshest testing environments.

Customizable – Backed by superior engineering and a willingness to tailor a system to your testing needs
Taller, shorter, wider, faster, slower: Our engineering group will confgure a design to meet your specifcatons.
Trusted – Expertly designed, engineered and supported for life.

  • Exceeds all ASTM/ISO accuracy requirements.
  • Fastest in the industry, an 8 kHz servo loop rate ensures accurate, repeatable, and reliable testing.
  • All testing systems are supported for life.

eP2 Materials Testing Controller

A standalone presetable controller that simplifes materials and product testng. The eP2 Digital Controller performs mechanical tests on materials, products and components. It is a presetable unit that operates both electromechanical and servo hydraulic testng systems. The eP2 can also be used to retroft/upgrade virtually any manufactures testng machine regardless of age or machine type. It is a less expensive and easier to use alternatve to PC based materials testng systems and is capable of performing tests in tension, compression, bend and torsion. The eP2 features load and crosshead positon inputs plus enhanced closed loop servo control capabilites for accurate and repeatable testng. An optonal axial strain input channel can be added for accommodatng extensometry.
Combining the eP2 controller with the PC based GaugeSafe Data Exchange sofware makes it easy to create and store unlimited number of test methods; save, export and print test results including stress vs. strain curves; import results and XY data into common spreadsheet and database programs for further analysis and reportng.

  • Display load, positon, axial strain (optonal), and test rate during tests.
  • Display measured mechanical propertes at test completon.
  • Calculate key mechanical propertes such as ultmate strength, modulus, ofset yield, percent elongaton and more. Calculatons are in accordance with ASTM and ISO testng standards.
  • Upload results and XY data via the GaugeSafe Data Exchange program to a Windows based PC for viewing and reportng.
  • Store up to six test methods internally. Access unlimited number of test methods through the Gauge Safe Data Exchange sofware.
  • Specify high and low limits for each mechanical property for pass/fail indicaton.
  • Protect from inadvertent test method changes through password only accessible supervisor/operator modes.
  • Select between English, Metric and SI engineering units.
  • Specify ramp to break, ramp to hold and cyclic sawtooth and squarewave closed-loop servo control profles.
  • Perform load rate, positon rate and strain rate controlled tests.
  • Calibrate load and axial strain channels in accordance with ASTM E4 and E83 standards, respectvely. Load accuracy exceeds ASTM E4 standards down to 1/200th load cell capacity.
  • ADMET provides all calibraton passwords for streamlining maintenance costs.

GS-5RT Eccentric roller grip

  • Tensile force: 5 kN
  • Pyramid (serrated) faced roller, 30mm Ø
  • Clamping width 50mm, specimen thickness 0 – 7mm
  • Temperature range: 0 – 130°C
  • Other temperature ranges possible on request
  • Body: aluminum anodized
  • Weight: 667 gram each grip
  • Scope of delivery: 1 pair