Wallace Densimeters

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Used to determine the density of plastics
High quality, competitively priced test instrument used to determine the specific gravity (density) of plastics, rubber, sintered metals, glass, ceramics, foods, and other materials.
The X 22 B Densimeter can measure densities above or below 1.00 (the specific gravity of water). The scale capacity is 200 grams, although 4 grams or less of most plastics are required to perform the test. The X 22 B Densimeter is complete and ready to run.


  • Software for Windows® 98 & XP & Windows 7
  • 200 gram calibration weight
  • Stainless steel angle for densities below 1.0
  • RS-232 interface with cable
  • Tweezers
  • Thermometer
  • Windshield
  • AC power adapter


  • Rapid printer
  • Liquid measuring kit
  • Statistical printer
  • Glass water container

The precision balance supports both the water container and the sample test stand. To obtain density value, first weigh the dry sample on top of the test stand, then immerse the sample in the water container and weigh the submerged sample on the platform. The instrument then displays the computed specific gravity and, if required, the sample volume. It computes the density (specific gravity) to the third decimal point.