Falling Dart Impact Tester.
Meets ARM 5.2 and ASTM D3029 Standards.

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This Falling Dart Impact Tester is normally used to impact 5″ x 5″ molded polymer plaques conditioned to -40 C (-40 F) to conform to ARM Low Temperature Impact Test 5.2 and ASTM D3029.

ARM and ASTM D3029

This is the safest Falling Dart Tester available. The sample drawer allows the operator to place and remove the impact plaques safely without danger of the dart injuring their hand. The tester does not require a stand and is free standing. It is made from aluminum and is completely rust proof. A 10 pound dart and a 5 pound adder weight (included) combine to make a 15 pound Dart. Another 5 pound adder weight to create a 20 pound weight is available as an option. The radius'd tip (Tup) is hardened stainless steel for long life. A motorized dart retriever and an automatic Dart release are available as options.