Pulverizing Mills, Blades and Classifiers

Orenda laboratory and production pulverizing mills are complete systems ready to run upon delivery.

H1D 250

H1D 400

H1D 500

H1D 800

Single mill designed pulverizers use less electricity and water. They are easier and much faster to clean. These pulverizers can be assembled in less that 1 shift. Our warranties and service are unmatched.

Lab Pulverizer H1D250L

Motor is 220/480V 7 1/2 HP
Blades (Discs) are 10 inches
Rate for 35 mesh powder is approx. 150 lbs/hr
Gap adjustment is external
Dimensions - 39" x 33" x 35" high without the stand
This Lab Pulverizer is normally used with the Sweco Classifier pictured below.
The two units used together will produce 35 mesh powder commonly used in the rotational molding industry

Pulverizer Blades (Discs) Sharpened and Sold

Our pulverizer blades fit all North American built pulverizers. Our prices are very competitive and our quality unmatched. Longer life and higher thru put rates are common with our extremely high quality long life blades.

Sweco® R & D Classifiers

Top-of-the-line circulating, vibrating classifiers. R & D sizes as well as high volume production units are available. The small classifier works in conjunction with the lab pulverizer as a stand alone unit to produce quality powder.

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