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  • SPE - Roto Molding

    The Society of Plastics Engineers - Roto Molding Division

  • ARM

    The Association of Rotational Molders

  • ARMO

    Association of Rotational Molders Organizations

  • The Plastics Pioneers

    View the Plastics Pioneers Association web site

  • SPE

    The Society of Plastics Engineers

  • SPE - Color and Appearance

    The Society of Plastics Engineers-Color and Appearance Division

  • The Plastics Museum and Plastivan

    The National Plastics Center and Museum

  • SPI

    The Plastics Industry Trade Association

  • ARMA

    Association of Rotomoulders Australasia

  • BPF

    The British Plastics Federation - Rotomoulding Group

  • ARM Nordic

    The Nordic Association of Rotational Moulders

  • Aziende Italiane Stampaggio Rotazionale

    Italian Rotational Moulders Group

  • StAR

    Society of Asian Rotomoulders


    Association of Rotational Moulders Southern Africa


    The Central and Eastern European Association of Rotational Moulders

  • AFR

    Association Francaise du Rotomoulage

  • Orenda

    Manufacturer of quality Pulverizers

  • Norstar

    Norstar Aluminum Molds

  • Polysort

    Polysort is a portal for the plastics and rubber industry.
    Polysort offers online resin purchasing, industry news, discussion groups, links, and internet marketing programs for processors, suppliers, and end market users

  • Accurate Color Lab

    I hope you enjoy this brief look at some of the people and lab equipment at Accurate Color. Accurate Color was sold to a competitor in 1995. Accurate Compounding, the sister Corporation, was sold to the same competitor, but a video was not made of the equipment and employees at that facility.