At Plastics Consulting we offer a variety of high quality laboratory test equipment and production equipment.
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The Shuttle(TM) labratory rotational molder The Shuttle(TM) labratory rotational molder

Pourability Funnels (funnel flow) and Bulk Density Cups. These Funnels are in compliance with ARM 2.1, ASTM D1895 Method A and ASTM 1895 Method B. The ARM and Method A kits are produced in aluminum. The Method B Funnel Kits are available in Aluminum, Hard Coat Aluminum and Stainless Steel. The ARM and Method A Funnels are Tested and Certified with our standard PE powder. The Method B Funnels and Bulk Density Cups are tested with our standard masterbatch pellets. This inexpensive test equipment is a must for all rotomolders. Improperly ground resin will not mold as expected. Flowability and Bulk Density Tests can be performed in less than five minutes.

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ASTM D1921

  • Sieve Analysis (Ro-Tap by WS Tyler)
  • Sound Enclosure and Stand
  • Sieves

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ASTM D3029 and ARM Impact
This Falling Dart Impact Tester is normally used to impact 5" x 5" molded polymer plaques conditioned to -40 C (-40 F) to conform to ARM Low Temperature Impact Test 5.2 and ASTM D3029.

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ASTM D3029 and ARM Impact ARM low temperature drop dart test
-40°C (-40°F) Freezers, also -20°C, -25°C, and -85°C Ultra Low Freezers available in chest (horizontal) and upright (vertical) models.

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The -85°C Ultra Low Freezers are ideal for medical applications
-40°C (-40°F) Freezers, also -20°C, -25°C, and -85°C Ultra Low Freezers available in chest (horizontal) and upright (vertical) models.

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  • Horizontal air flow for forced air models
  • Electronic Timer for convenience of operation
  • Stainless steel interior and shelves for durability and corrosion-resistance
  • Three inch adjustable exhaust ports aid in venting oven and allow for flexibility in drying times and applications.
  • Two layers of insulation to maintain temperature and reduce heat loss.
  • Chamber door gasket along with positive door latch help prevent heated air leakage.

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These compact battery powered Ultra Sound testers are inexpensive and easy to use. The standard model will test polyethylene up to 1/2 inch thick. The testing is done from one side of the part easily and quickly. Access to the back side of the part is not required. The test is non destructive and will not damage the part.

Used to determine the density of plastics

High quality, competitively priced test instrument used to determine the specific gravity (density) of plastics, rubber, sintered metals, glass, ceramics, foods, and other materials.
Accessories, options, methods of operation

ASTM D1238,  ASTM D7059,  ASTM D3364

ISO 1133

High-quality low-cost equipment to test melt index or melt flow of prime polymers, regrind, compounds and concentrate.

ASTM D 638 and D 638M Tensile properties of plastics and other materials

This is the Admet 5603 single column Tensile Tester. It is extremely versatile and very economical. It may be used in the horizontal configuration or in the vertical configuration as pictured. Several models are available including dual column models. A variety of load cells and grips are available for every application.

Sweco® Vibro-Energy® Seperator.

The BPS-3272 horizontal mixer handles large 800 pound batches. It is much more cost effective than a large Turbo mixer.

The RT-150 Turbomixer is a compact, efficient, and economical means of mixing dry color and additives into powdered resin.

Pulverizing Mills - Four standard models to choose from as well as custom designed pulverizers. These compact inexpensive machines grind a wide variety of materials consistently. These machines are designed for quick and efficient clean up.

Pulverizer blades sharpened and sold to fit all US manufactured pulverizers.

Classifiers & Seperators for fast and efficient classifying of powdered resins, micro pellets, pellets and other non plastic materials.



These precision Compression Molders are the industry standard. They are available in two and four tie bar configurations and with a wide range of platen sizes and tonnage. They maybe Heat only or have a Heat and Cool capability. Manual and automated opening and closing presses are available for all applications.

Special Purpose Scales
Precision Balances
Analytical Balances
Micro and Ultra Micro Balances
Weights and Accessories
Moisture Analyzers

Precision Scales for weighing small items and quantities accurately. These competitively priced scales are available in a variety of capacities and levels of precision.

CNC machined, cast aluminum, fabricated stainless steel molds

Our specialty is CNC machined box molds containing impact plaques, Flow GaugesTM, a shrink gauge, a fill port with two vents, and a universal mount for a Drop Box or a Rotolog®
Standard test molds and custom designed molds are available for research, product development, quality control, and color matching.

The Shuttle(TM) labratory rotational molder

Rotational Molders

The ShuttleTM - The Future of Laboratory Rotational Molding Machines

This CM ShuttleTM is designed for Color Matching and smaller molds. It is a demo machine with less than 80 hours of run time. This rotomolder is in stock and available for the reduced price of $32,000 + shipping.


For Thermoplastic Colorant Manufacturers and Compounders. This is an Integrated system similar to SAP, except designed to support smaller manufacturers. This software will support up to 20 plants with 100 computers. Guaranteed to work more efficiently than your current system