President and Founder Bruce Muller has over 45 years experience in the plastics industry. Call Bruce to discuss your problem or concern. Some areas Bruce is available to consult in are:

  • Production Problem Solving
  • Scrap Reduction
  • Plant Automation
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Plant Design and Layout
  • Materials Selection
  • Materials Modification
  • In House Training
  • Educational Seminars
  • Advice on Quality Control Methods and Procedures
  • Troubleshooting Quality Problems
  • Bring New Products to Market
  • Compounding
  • Formulating All Forms of Colorants
  • High Speed Extrusion- Single and Twin Screw
  • Expert Witness

Improve Profitability

There is increasing pressure to improve your price, quality, productivity, and profitability. Using all available resources to remain competeive in todays business enviorment makes a lot of sense.

Plastics Consulting is in a unique position to add immediate expertise to your staff. We are international in scope, but we are still often available on short notice.

Consultant to the Plastics Industry ~ Rotational Molding Specialist

Consultant to the Plastics Industry ~ Rotational Molding Specialist


Plastics Consulting, Inc., Palm City, FL, USA

1995 to Present

President/Owner Consultant to processors, material suppliers and equipment manufacturers in the plastics industry, with emphasis on production and engineering problems for colorant manufacturers, compounders, injection molders, extruders and for the rotational molding industry. Has 45 years of work experience within the plastics industry with over 40 years working in or supplying consulting services internationaly to plastics processors. Bruce is recognized internationally as an expert in rotational molding and manufacturing colorants. He has provided consulting services and products in 35 countries. Has successfully identified and corrected production problems, including process and design flaws, scrap reduction, cycle reduction, and specification of production materials. Material specifications may include the resin, color, blowing agents, resin heat stabilization for processing and UV stability for extended outdoor life. Bruce has designed research rotational molders, roto test molds and a variety of test equipment that is valuable in identifying sub-standard production equipment and materials. Authors Technical Bulletins and Literature to train production, sales and management personnel. Has been hired as an expert witness in legal cases involving plastics and plastics processing machinery internationaly.

Accurate Color, Inc., Lodi, OH (Sold the corporation in 1995)

1977 - 1995

Founder/Owner, President

Recognized as a premier international supplier of colorants and additives. Supplied dry color, concentrate (master batch), liquid color, paste dispersions and precolor for injection molding, blow molding, profile extrusion, fiber extrusion, blown and cast film, compression molding, calendaring and rotational molding. For the rotational molding industry develoved colorants for rotational molding resins, including cross- linked PE that did not degrade the impact. Developed Antistats, flow promoters, blowing agents, and stabilization systems for the rotational molding industry. Specialist in high speed extrusion, both single and twin screw and high intensity mixing. Exported products to international plastic processors in 18 countries around the world.

Accurate Compounding, Inc., Lodi, OH (Sold in 1995)

1989 - 1995

Founder/Owner, President

Specialized in extrusion compounding of thermoplastics and pulverizing resins, primarily for the rotational molding industry. Specialties included extrusion of ABS polymer grafting, alloying, compounding of color, additives and fillers. Performed custom formulating, research and development for most thermoplastics. Designed the processing equipment including extruders, screws, classifiers, Hi Intensity mixers, and lab molds. Pulverized, granulated and toll Hi Intensity mixed polymers, primarily for the rotational molding industry.

Prior Employment History

1964 - 1977

  • General Manager for a colorant manufacturer
  • Salesman for a colorant manufacturer
  • Laboratory Manager and Color Matcher for a colorant manufacturer
  • Plant Chemist with formulating, QC, and product development duties in rotational molding of plastisol and polyethylene
  • Supervisior in injection molding
  • Plant Chemist responsible for rubber and vinyl compounding for profile extrusion
  • Lab Technician with experience in vacuum forming, reverse roll coating, flocking, casting urethane foam, and physical testing a variety of plastics.


SPE (Society of Plastics Engineers)

1969 - Present

Emeritus Member. Elected Fellow of the Society in 2007. Currently a member of the Rotational Molding Division, Color and Appearance Division. Formerly a member of the Polymers Materials and Additives Division and the Extrusion Division. Was National Councilor (Board of Directors for SPE) for 13 years. Helped found the Ohio Firelands Section in 1969. Served on the Board of Directors of the Ohio Firelands Section and the Board of the Color and Appearance Division. Was RETEC (Topical Conference) Chairman eight times and presented many RETEC and TOPCON technical papers.

ARM (Association of Rotational Molders)

1981 - Present

An active member since 1981. Was elected as the 31st member to the Rotational Molding Hall of Fame in 2007. Was presented the Distinguished Service Award in 2001. Served on the Board of Directors. Served as Chairman of the PVC Committee and the Special Materials Committee. Presented and moderated workshops in five countries, served on the Polyolefins Materials Committee and the Rotational Molding Development Center Committee (RMDC) for over 9 years. Currently serving on the Materials Committee overseeing research and education in all resins used in the rotational molding industry.

Plastics Pioneers Association (PPA)

2001 - Present

Was inducted into the Plastics Pioneers in 2001 and is currently an active member serving on the History and Artifacts committee.

National Plastics Center and Museum, Leominster, Ma.

1992 - 1996

Board Member (Trustee)

Terra Technical College, Fremont, Ohio

1988 - 1994

Advisory Board Member of the Plastics Engineering Color Matching program for 6 years. Was instrumental in co-ordinating and starting the Color Matching Associate Degree program with Ohio Firelands Section and the Color and Appearance Division of SPE.

SPI (Society of Plastics Industry)

1994 – 1995

Patents – One for universal concentrate used in injection molded, blow molded and extruded thermoplastics and two patents related to special color effects in polyethylene for rotational molding. Products are currently being manufactured and sold under all three patents by previously owned companies and a previous employer. Author – More than 40 technical articles, papers and publications related to research and development in plastics have been written, published and presented internationally. Bruce wrote the Color and Additive chapter for the book "Rotational Molding: a Practical Guide" by Paul Nugent. Bruce has written and edited four books for ARM. They are “The ABC's of Rotationally Molding PVC”, “The ABC's of Rotationally Molding Nylon”, “The ABC's of Rotationally Molding Polycarbonate” and “The ABC's of Welding Rotationally Molded Parts”. He has contributed to several other books and publications. Education – University of Delaware; Akron University; College of Dupage; Majored in Chemical Engineering and Plastics Technology.